When you visit the game lobby of any online casino today, slots are surely among the first game category to catch your attention. What makes them awesome is that they offer players a chance to win and they come with a variety of features. NetEnt is a provider of casino games including slots. The slots from this provider are popular in the iGaming market. In this guide, our experts will explain the RTP of slots from NetEnt. Visit topnetentcasinos.net to find casinos featuring NetEnt slots.

Understand the Meaning of RTP

Before we start talking about the RTP of NetEnt slots, it makes sense that we should explain what the term RTP means. RTP is an acronym which stands for Return to Player. It is the theoretical percentage of the amount of money that players wager on a game, and that they will be given back as winnings from that game Being a theoretical value means that the percentage may not be exact from one casino to the other due to different factors. You can read NetEnt slot reviews on harmonicats .

To understand what RTP really is, let's expatiate a little further. For example, if a game comes with an RTP value of 97%, and the total amount of money that is wagered on that game in its entirety is $100. Then the amount that all the players will get as winnings from playing the game will be $97. From this explanation, you can notice that there is a slight difference between the amount wagered and the amount won. This difference is referred to as House Edge in the gaming industry

Why NetEnt Slot is Important

The House Edge is that percentage of total bets that the casino gets from the game as profits. It is normal for every player to want more from playing a slot game, and in fact, most players go for slots with higher RTP rates. NetEnt slots are well-know to have good RTP values usually within an average of 96%. No wonder these slots are so popular among players in the casino industry. Below, we listed some of the top NetEnt slots as well as their RTP rates.

  • Starburst - 96.10%
  • Dead or Alive - 96.80%
  • Guns N' Roses - 96.93%
  • Blood Sucker - 97%
  • Gonzo's Quest - 96%

There are a few slots from the developer that has a variable RTP rate. What this means is that the RTP of the game tends to change in different modes. The Hotline video slot is a perfect example of this type of RTP. When you start the game in its base game mode, the RTP of the slot is 96.13%. But if you trigger the bonus feature while playing the game, the RTP increases instantly to 97.04% in the bonus mode


Summary and Final Verdict

From the detailed explanation of what RTP is and its importance, it is safe to say that NetEnt really offers the best RTP rates for its slot games. If you want to check what the RTP of a NetEnt slot is, you can tap on the information icon on the game screen. This will give you access to all the technical details of the slot such as the RTP, payline configuration and paytable. Why don't you try playing one of our recommended NetEnt slots today!